About Us


Est: 1956

The Beginning/Our History

   In the spring of 1956, a group of baptized believers held a conference at Mount Zion Baptist Church. The purpose of this conference was pertaining to the need of a new church. A decision was made during the conference that a new church would be built. 

  Brother Bernie Martin said he would give the land that was needed for a church and for a cemetery and it would belong to the church as long as it remained a Missionary Baptist Church. This was in agreement to all that were concerned with the building program. As soon as arrangements could be made, construction was to begin.


  After a conference meeting at Mount Zion Baptist Church on August 12, 1956, a group of baptized believers met to form a new church. At this time Miss Beaula Martin, the 12-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harlem Martin, chose Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church for the name.

   The first worship service held on the church grounds was under the trees while the building was being built. When the walls was raised, services were inside, with a sky for a roof and the ground for a floor. Most of the congregation sat on benches made from boards placed on buckets and blankets were laid on the ground for the babies to lay on. The pastor used an old rusty metal drum for the pulpit. 

   The beginning of Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church consisted of a sanctuary and four small classrooms.

   On Wednesday night, September 5, 1956, a conference was held with F.H. Day, Associational Missionary, Chilton Unity Baptist Association serving as moderator. The church covenant and Articles of Faith was read and voted on to be approved. The church name, Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, was voted on as the official name and was approved.  And so it began.


   On the same night Bro. Bob Hooper named Rev. Bill Jackson as the first pastor of Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. The first deacons were Bro. Bernie Martin and Bro. Luther Burnett. At the close of the conference meeting Rev. Bill Jackson, Pastor of Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, opened the doors to the church for membership.

Pastors Of Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

1. Bill Jackson

2. Calvin Ray

3. Ernest Jones

4. J. B. Couch

5. Larry Potts

6. Bruce Payton

7. Ellis Rich

8. Ronnie Causmus

9. Charles Brooks

10. Morris Norton

11. Charles Brooks

12. S. M. (Pete) Land

13. Jim (Pete) Burnett

14. Wayne Cleckler

15. Don Vanderslice

16. Charles Brooks

17. Don Vanderslice

18. Ricky Coburn

19. Ken Plier

20. Doug West- Interim

21. Oneil Cleckler

22. Tim Scott (Current)

Present Day:

    Today Mount Bethel is consisted of a congregation of around 150 people and growing. When walking in the doors you are automatically greeted with a warm welcome and surrounded by a loving atmosphere. Many will say that even if it is your first time visiting it will feel like you have been there your whole life. If we were to describe our church it would be considered just a small little country church where the members are nothing but family and the presence of God can always be found. Mt. Bethel has kept alot of the traditional ways while incorporating the contemporary as well. No matter what type of services we do God is kept at the forefront and the Holy Spirit always leads the way. We have a wonderful group of volunteers that help dedicate their time to serving within our church such as the Nursery, Children's Church for our morning services, teachers, van drivers, and many more. Every Sunday morning and every Sunday night we have a class for every age group where we can dig deeper into God's word. We also have bible study every Wednesday night. We hope that you will come visit us and become apart of our family as well. We would love to have you! (This was pre-covid) 

[ to be continued]