Our Nursery is available for both morning and evening services. We have wonderful church members that volunteer to rotate every Sunday to help keep the precious little ones while parents get to enjoy the service. Parents are also welcome to come rock their little one's , change, or feed them if they do not want to leave them. Whatever is the most comfortable for both parent and child. 

Children's Church

                    (4-8yoa only)

We have Children's Church for every Sunday Morning Service at 11am where kids can go in the back in the fellowship hall where they have a snack, a bible story, and a craft. This is a time where they can learn, grow, and prepare to get ready for big church. Just like the Nursery, we have wonderful members who rotate every Sunday to cover Children's Church and are assisted by a youth helper so they can know what it's like to serve in the church. 


Sunday School Classes


From 10am-11am We have Sunday School Classes that are broken down by the following age groups: 

Ages 5-8 Beginners 

Ages 9-12 Preteens 

Discipleship Training Classes


From 5pm-6pm We have Discipleship Training Classes that are broken down by the following age groups: 

Ages 0-3 go to the Nursery.

Ages 4-6 Beginners

Ages 9-12 Preteens


Debbie Scott