Officers | Directors | & Committees

Pastor: Bro. Tim Scott

Chairman Deacons: Rex Marcus

Ministers Of Music: Rex Marcus, Carla Hayes

Church Clerk: Marsha Mathis

Church Treasurer: Lisa Marcus

Pianist: N/A

Organist: Marsha Mathis, Carla Hayes

Church Custodian: Marsha & Sammy Mathis

Ex. Member To Association: N/A

VBS Director: Lisa Marcus, Carla Hayes

Baptist Men Director: Ray Driver

Baptist Women Director: N/A

Children's Church Director: Debbie Scott

Nursery Coordinator: Debbie Scott

Children's Activity Director For Ages 3-12: N/A

Youth Director &  For Ages 13-17: Carla Hayes

Pre-teen/Youth Wednesday Night Worship Leader: Carla Hayes

Preteen/Youth Music Director: Bridget Marcus

Church Activity Director: N/A

Ground Coordinator: Josie Shannon

Homecoming Coordinator: Vera Driver\ Marsha Mathis

Sign Coordinator: Barbara Bachman

Media Coordinator(Church Website& All Social Media Sites, Newspaper Announcements): Bridget Marcus

Van Drivers: Randy Connell, Tim Scott, Carla Hayes, Bridget Marcus

Bulletin Coordinator: Bridget Marcus


Benevolence: Jack Bachman, Randy Connell

Building Maintenance: Jack Bachman, Dale Marcus, Randy Connell

Flowers (Funerals Only): Marsha Mathis

Food Ministry( Funerals Only): Marsha Mathis, Linda Bussie, Debbie Scott

Special Event Coordinator(Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation etc): N/A

Finance Committee: Lisa Marcus, Linda Dennis

Nominating Committee: Jack Bachman, Dale Marcus


SUNDAY SCHOOL: (Starts at 10am.)

Director: Dale Marcus 

Secretary: Lisa Marcus, Linda Dennis

Senior Men &Women(ages 65+): N/A

Adult 1 & 2 (ages 18-35): Bridget Marcus/Dale Marcus


Adult 3 (ages 35-64): Bridget Marcus/Dale Marcus

Youth(ages 13-17): Carla Hayes

Pre-Teens (ages 9-12): Tim Scott

Beginners & Children (ages 4-8)- Brittany Carpenter

Nursery (ages0-3): N/A


*Note: Due to Covid we are currently not having DT at this time.*

Director: Dale Marcus

Secretary: Linda Dennis, Linda Bussie

Adults 1,2,3 (ages 18+): N/A

Youth(ages 13-17): Carla Hayes

Pre-Teens (ages 7-12): Marsha Mathis, Tim Scott 

Beginners (ages 4-6): Debbie Scott

Nursery (ages0-3): N/A

Mt. Bethel Baptist Church

568 Co. Rd. 61

Clanton, AL 35046

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