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Bro. Tim Scott

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A Country Church of Long Ago

Up a narrow and rocky path, A little church was placed. In the dust of that narrow lane Are footprints that time has erased.

If the walls could talk to us now, Oh the memories they would bring back, Of the old log pews which were made by hand And the potbelly stove which heat did lack.

Their favorite old hymns were sung with love, In their hearts the joy bells were ringing. With the warmth of the Spirit in their smiles, The message of salvation the preacher was bringing.

The churches now are so modern With fancy pews and furnaces grand, Even air-conditioners for cooling To sooth the discomforts we can’t stand.

The little lane is all but gone now And the church roof is sagging low, But the memories can linger in the hearts Of all who went and loved it so.

Poem written by: Judy Crowe

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